Insights from our Focus Group

Our focus group declared Marco Rubio the winner of the October 28 Republican Debate. We asked members of our focus group for insights into their decision making process. Here’s a selection of their responses:

Rubio and Cruz had the best responses to the BS questions from the moderators. They had good policy responses. They fought back with class and facts. I think Marco came out slightly better than Cruz.

Rubio came out swinging and skillfully answered many tough questions.

Fiorina’s direct style spoke to me, but she wasn’t able to pull ahead of Rubio.

Rubio was the same as usual, coming across as intelligent and empathetic.

Ted Cruz highlighted the distaste of the lack of substance in questions being asked. He addressed it head on and got resounding applause. He was also the most confident throughout the night.

Christie stood out this time with his incredulity and seeming alignment with the audience’s mood, particularly regarding frustration with moderators.

Thanks again to our focus group for their help!


2 thoughts on “Insights from our Focus Group

  1. Give me five good things that actually had to do with Cruz’s plan. Rubio KILLED Jeb last night, Cruz would have choked…. #Rubio2016


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