Bernie Sanders Wins Democratic Debate

Bernie Sanders is the winner of the October 13 Democratic Debate, as he was deemed by our focus group as the candidate to have “best improved his or her chance of winning the Democratic nomination”.

This is the breakdown of our focus group’s voting:

Democratic Debate Winner

We will be regularly updating this blog with commentary from our focus group and analysis of trading behavior during the game, so check back again soon.

Special thanks to our focus group!


One thought on “Bernie Sanders Wins Democratic Debate

  1. I think Bernie won. CNN tried to hide that fact. But it’s obvious he won. It looks like the establishment media wants Hillary to be president, and they might get their wish. I can’t think of any republican who could take her on in a debate, save for Marco Rubio. He’s young, sharp, and is a candidate that I think mainstream concervatives could rally behind. As for Donald Trump, I think he’s just a flash in the pan. I think the contenders for the republican side are going to be Rubio, bush, and maybe Kasich.
    If Bernie Sanders get the nomination instead of Hillary, I don’t think he’ll win against mainline republicans, but if say out of some fluke that Trump, Paul, Or Cruz are nominated than Bernie Has a better chance against them.

    But, I think we’re going to see Hillary become president next year.


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